Fun with Animals

I love animals - especially the farm variety. I have made it a point to make sure to offer animals all year round for my clients and I am always looking for new adventures to add to the collection.

  • Highland Cows- Ipsy & Isabelle: I have the opportunity to work with two very sweet, spoiled and beautiful highland ladies in Lexington, NC. These girls love to eat treats out of your hands and get all the cuddles. While, visiting with them there is also a mini donkey, several goats and pigs on the farm to capture memories with if you like and to just love on. I do not charge extra for the extra animals :-) These sessions are generally booked as individual sessions either 30 mins or 1 hour in the evenings on Monday or Friday. The price starts at $95 with a $50 non refundable deposit.

  • Dairy Calf: I have the pleasure of working with Snider's Dairy Farm in Denton, NC and hold sessions with their newborns when they are available. They generally have babies arriving year round and have recently taken on more heifers to keep the babies coming. These sessions are almost always themed and held as mini sessions. However, I love to use these guys for milestone sessions - such as birthdays, engagements or maternity. Prices for these vary depending on mini or individual session. The deposit is $50 for any session.

  • Chicks - I like to have live chicks every year for Easter minis. I have a friend that will incubate them and hatch them the day or two before sessions then raise them herself on her farm. These are super cute to work with. I generally hold these sessions roughly 2-4 weeks prior to Easter.

  • Lambs - Snider Diary Farm also has baby lambs for Easter time - I offer mini sessions with these cuties roughly 2-4 weeks prior to Easter depending on when they are born.

Upon request I generally can find access to a variety of animals including horses.